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The Omniplex at Haven's Hold
The Chosen

The Chosen are gathered and brought to the fortress of Haven’s Hold by several of the Commanders. Their journey to the Haven begins their training as they are introduced to a few of the dangers that lurk on the land. It proves to be a challenge for them, especially Beni and the feisty Jenda.

When it is discovered that one of Condragon’s warlocks is already spreading his evil throughout the land, the Chosen, though not yet schooled in their magic, must act quickly to retrieve their talismans. But Zorad, the most powerful warlock has plans of his own. They do not include allowing the young Chosen to find their talismans and hone their powers to a degree greater than his own. Can the Chosen survive in a hostile land where danger lurks behind every stone?

The Commanders

Changes are teeming at Haven’s Hold as the Commanders prepare to battle the armies of Condragon’s warlocks. After a few hard learned lessons, three of the five Chosen reach the threshold of adulthood. Azar makes some surprising moves to thwart Condragon when He returns two Commanders lost in the third age back to the Haven. There is an even bigger surprise awaiting the Haven. This book continues the fast-paced action as it introduces new characters and delves into many more adventurous confrontations with the evil Zorad and his cohorts.

The Depths

The Depths continues the Haven’s Hold saga as Condragon’s evil casts a dark shadow throughout the lands. The Commanders must locate and battle the demon and Churl armies of the warlocks. The five Chosen must set forth to defeat Condragon’s warlocks and witches. The ultimate showdown with Condragon looms as Azar’s creation teeters on the outcome. Which God will prevail is the question that haunts every person throughout the lands…especially those at Haven’s Hold who have devoted their lives to protecting and preserving Azar’s creation.


Kedra continues the saga of Haven’s Hold taking up where The Depths left off. It features Jenda and Vina. The two Chosen must convince Kedra that they hate Haven’s Hold and everything it stands for.

Bands of witches under the powerful Kedra are traveling throughout the lands in search of girls and young women born with magic to divert them from the teaching of the Sect at Haven’s Hold. At the same time, warlords are dispatched throughout the lands forcing young men into Kedra’s network. Her ultimate goal is to infiltrate Haven’s Hold and eradicate all of the followers of Azar who reside there.

Believing that Kedra is a powerful mortal witch, Drai sends female Commanders to infiltrate her network to glean information and determine how to stop her. Later, Drai discovers that Kedra is much more than a mortal witch. She is Condragon’s daughter. Left behind by Condragon before his defeat, her purpose is to achieve what his previous cohorts failed to do…defeat Azar’s stronghold and take over His creation.   


Commander Drai takes a young boy under his wing. Due to his background, Toby is an independent and stubborn kid who will play a major role in developments at Haven’s Hold that lead to war without the use of magic in any form. 

The people throughout the lands are enjoying a relative time of peace from the evils of Condragon since the defeat of his daughter Kedra. In spite of the peaceful times, Drai keeps the forces at Haven’s Hold focused and alert while training continues for the young men into the Barrand Guards and young women with magic into the Sect and Rem units.

The peace is shattered when tragedy strikes Haven’s Hold. They lose a Commander and a long-time member of the Sect to an inexplicable evil force. It is not until a boy called Toby is kidnapped by a warlock more powerful than any of Condragon’s former cohorts, including his daughter Kedra, that Drai discovers who is responsible for killing the Commander and the Sect member. He makes a pact of honor with the Warlock in order to rescue Toby; a pact that sets the Haven’s forces on a long march, without magic, to battle hoards of demons.

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The Catamount at Haven's Hold
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